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A side-by-side comparison. On the left, 40lb sand bags - the straps are fluorescent so customers will see them and won't trip over them. On the right, Eaton Canopy Weights - 45lbs on each post.
Starter Set - $160Add on Weights - $130Pop up or Tailgate Canopy Weights - $39.99

When James Eaton started exhibiting at art fairs almost 30 years ago, there were no well-designed systems for keeping canopies anchored. After trying out several different designs he created for himself a stackable 15 pound weight and clip system that:

  • Works with any-shaped tent pole
  • Does not interfere with the display
  • Is easy to set up, carry, transport and store

Other exhibitors noticed and asked to buy sets for themselves. Now Eaton Canopy Weights are used by a wide variety of folks who use canopies – including mobile marketing companies, community health services, professional sports teams, government agencies, military sponsored events, farmers marketeers, tailgaters and many more.

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